Classic Premium Series
Steel Insulated

The Premium Classic series suits just about every home. Whether you are replacing an existing garage door or finishing up new construction, the Premium Classic series gives you style, strength and durability. There are three styles to choose from:

  1. Raised Short Panel-Squares with wood grain texture
  2. Raised Long Panel-Rectangles with wood grain texture
  3. Raised Flush Panel-Flat surface with wood grain texture

Created by stamped steel. Short and long panel style will give you that classic garage door look, while the flush panel can be used for modern, contemporary, or transitional design. They come in fourteen factory finish colours, and can be easily painted to complement your home. These very low maintenance garage doors will outlast most homes in the Greater Vancouver area. All garage door systems (tracks, rollers, hinges etc.) should be serviced every few years to ensure everything is in good operating condition. For most home owners a basic 6.5 insulation will meet their needs, however, if you plan on heating the garage or using it for a multi-purpose room, an 18.4 R value and insulated windows would be more suitable choice.


HIGH (50+ Years)
Ease of Maintenance
EASY (Every 2 Years)
6.5 - 18.4
Curb Appeal
5 / 5


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