How do I program my garage door remote?

Garage door remotes come in a wide range of brands and models, however, the basic principles of coding a remote are the same.

If you wish to add a new garage door remote to your existing garage door opener, or are installing a new opener and need to program the remote(s) simply follow these steps.

1.) The first thing you will need to do is determine weather your remotes use a rolling code, or a DIP switch security code.

2.) Most older remotes utilize DIP switches for security. DIP switch is an acronym which stands for Dual Inline Package, and they are located inside the remote, usually accessible via a slide cover, near the battery. They will look like a small row of 8 to 12 switches, all in one small box. Also of note is that they may be sliding switches or rocker switches. You don’t have to worry too much about the details as the main goal is simply to match the pattern of switches on the remote and the back of the opener (or external receiver).

3.) Once they match ensure there are no obstructions to the door, and press the door button on the remote. The door should move accordingly. A troubleshooting tip: If you match the switches exactly, and the door does not move, closely examine the box containing the switches. Sometimes it will be installed in the opposite direction of the one on the opener. You can tell by looking for a 1 and 0, or a + and -. If this is the case simply move all switches to the opposite pole and test the remote again.

4.)Modern remotes controls utilize the rolling code method for security. These are easy to program, and unlike DIP switches, they are nearly impossible to duplicate or bypass. First you must locate the “learn” button (sometimes called a “smart” button, or a “program” button) on the opener. Most Overhead Door brand openers have this button on the front of the machine, and Merantec place it on the underside of the opener. Almost every other brand will have it on the rear of the machine. On most models you will need to open the lens to gain access. Some late model openers will also have a learn button conveniently located on the wall button. Once you have located the learn button, press it. Now you will have approximately 45 seconds to press the corresponding button on the remote you wish to program, so press it now. If done successfully the main lights on the opener will flash once as confirmation.

If you find your newly programmed remote has poor range, it is most likely due to a weak battery. Try replacing it for increased range.

Paul Janzen
Garage Door Technician