Got Remotes?

If your garage door remote fails or gets broken, could you pick it out of a line up?

If you think you could, you may want to think twice: many brands will upgrade and change the electronics inside without any significant changes to the plastic exterior.

Another common problem is that over time manufacturers tend to discontinue models and replace them with new ones that are smaller or less expensive to make.

The most common frequencies for remotes are: 300Mhz, 310Mhz, 315Mhz, 318Mhz, and 390Mhz There are many different security formats, including: 9 DIP switches, 12 DIP switches, multicode, intellicode, securecode, code dodgers, security+, and security +2.0, and the newest openers even allow you to use a computer’s web browser or your smart phone to control your door

For added perspective, consider that Security+ has 2 different frequencies and 3 different generations of rolling code that are all incompatible with each other, so you can see how it is easy to make a mistake.

Choosing the correct replacement can be a hassle, so why not save yourself the time, energy and frustration of getting the wrong one and having to return it.

Let a professional help you get the remote that’s right for you!

TIP: If your garage door is opening and closing on it’s own in the night, check to see if you are storing a spare remote in a drawer or a place where it could be moved.  This is often the cause of the mysterious opening and closing.

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