Reserve Wood Collection – Custom Series

Have your dream door in mind?

Clopay can transform your dream into a reality. Fully custom garage doors can be the ultimate conversation piece, creating remarkable curb appeal and style.

Working with a professional drawing or from a basic notepad, each door will be handcrafted from a wood material of your choice your specifications.

If you are looking for something truly special and unique, then the custom series is perfect for you.

Whether you are creating a contemporary style or something vintage the custom series gives you the opportunity to be flexible with your design options.

Custom wood doors require the standard wood door upkeep, and should be sealed every two years to protect your investment.

  • Handcrafted four or five-layer construction.
  • Unlimited custom designs
  • Unlimited wood species
  • Energy-efficient insulation
  • Factory finished doors available in seven popular stains or painted
  • Handcrafted 4 or 5-layer polystyrene insulated wood doors. R-value 5.9
  • Crafted from the finest wood species, harvested from sustainable and naturally fallen forestry.
  • Unique one piece drip cap design keeps water from flowing behind grooved overlays for improved durability.
  • Premium grade hardware, rollers and track assure smooth, quiet, long-lasting operation.

A custom door is higher quality than other doors in a variety of ways. With the door shown in the video, for example, it has TNG Fir overlay and the windows are separate glass framed—it’s not one piece of glass with the wood frame on top. There’s insulation in the door so that it’s not just letting all the heat out. It’s also 3 inches thick.

This is the top of the line door that we have. It gives it a lot of strength and the appearance is so natural it adds value to your home and matches if you have a wood exterior on your home, as this home does with the cedar. It gives it an antique, turn-of-the-century look to match your home.

Also with a custom door, as opposed to the semi-custom door, you don’t have rails framed in each section so you can do any design of overlay that you’d like. With the semi-custom door, each section has its own frame which may take away from the look that you would like. This door here, since it’s the top of the line custom door, they’ve got the design that they want exactly to match their house.

With the custom door, you can also get the custom arch to match the arch of your opening. In this case here, the arch wasn’t exactly the right radius to match for a semi-custom door, so we brought in this door here with the exact radius to match what he has in his home. He didn’t have to alter his opening at all. We just put the door in and he was really happy.

We can also build pretty well any door that you would like—any opening size. We submit the plans to the factory to the plans and they say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. The factory gives you drawings of your door, exactly what you’re going to get (size and material), which is really professional and makes the customer feel at ease because they know what they’re going to get.

When you invest in a door like this, it’s nice to know that the door that you ordered is the door that you’re going to get, which sometimes doesn’t always work out with other doors. But in this case with Clopay, you definitely get the door that you ordered.

It takes roughly 4 to 5 weeks to manufacture a door like this and it came fully finished and painted so the customer doesn’t have to paint it on the job site, which is another benefit—adding value and saving time.

When the factory paints your door, you get a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, and that saves you the time and hassle of painting it yourself. If you don’t do it right and you don’t caulk all the seals, then your warranty is void, and you don’t want to have that problem.


HIGH (20+ Years)
Ease of Maintenance
MODERATE (Every 2 Years)
Curb Appeal
4 - 5 / 5 (Varies)


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