What to look for when choosing a new garage door.

Shopping and selecting a new garage door is something most people are not very familiar with. At first, it might seem simple, there can’t be that many choices or things to think about, it is just a garage door after all. Garage doors are not all created equal, everything from the construction to the warranty will vary. There are a handful of recognized garage door manufacturers who have distributors in North America. Here are a few important things to look for.

#1.) Google the brand of the garage door, you will see how many complaints they have through Rip Off reports and other information. A complaint is sometimes caused by a Dealer who hasn’t handled the situation properly, but this will still give you an idea of what people think of the product.

#2.) Check out the warranties carefully, they are not all created equal. The warranty will also be part of the reason some poeple are not happy with their product. When you purchase a product everything is great until something goes wrong, then you can really tell if the stand behind their product.

#3.) Who is backing them up? Companies like, CLOPAY are backed by the Good Houskeeping Seal, “About the Good Housekeeping Seal” The Seal is an emblem of the magazine’s Consumer Policy, which promises a refund or replacement for defective products within two years of purchase.

#4.) Check out the construction and the materials. Purchasing a garage door is a medium term investment. You will most likely have this door for about ten years. Even if you are selling the home, the garage door takes up a significant amount of your homes front facade. It’s important to select something that gives you the best VALUE for your money. Quality construction and materials will make all the difference. Brochures can be misleading, check out the actual door and compare the quality of construction. Why waste money on a cheaper product only to save a couple hundred dollars.

#5.) Symmetry of design. Watch out for windows that are too small or too big, too much hardware, just overall appeal. A poorly designed door will cheapen the look of your home, be careful to choose a well thought out balanced design.

#6.) Speak to a professional. Professionals in the garage door industry know what a difference quality construction makes. They can help you compare features such as insulation, steel grade, construction and design.


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