Glass Garage Doors – A Growing Vancouver Trend

Did you know that garage doors can be made of glass? Many people assume that garage doors can only be made out of steel or aluminum, since they are the most common. Fortunately, this is not the case. Today, you are able to purchase an all glass garage door for your home. If you are in the market for a … Read More

Are my garage door springs dangerous?

Are garage door extension springs dangerous? in a word, yes! Many older garages in greater Vancouver still use an extension spring system to counterbalance the door. These are easy to identify: there will be one spring on each side of the door that stretches as the door closes. Sometimes they are stretched vertically, directly beside the door, and sometimes they … Read More

Garage Security- 8 Tips on how you can increase your security.

Garage security is a major concern for every homeowner, especially if your garage is attached to your home. To the average person it just looks like any other room of the house, but to a professional thief it may look like an easy target. Keep in mind that your garage door is the largest access point in the entire home. … Read More

Automatic Garage Door Safety Sensors Tips

Garage door won’t close? Important Information On Garage Door Safety Sensors. The safety sensors are an integral part of your automatic garage door opener. When you click on your garage door opener and the door doesn’t fully open or shut, chances are it’s because the garage door safety sensor has detected on an object or person in it’s path. This … Read More

How do I program my garage door remote?

Garage door remotes come in a wide range of brands and models, however, the basic principles of coding a remote are the same. If you wish to add a new garage door remote to your existing garage door opener, or are installing a new opener and need to program the remote(s) simply follow these steps. 1.) The first thing you … Read More

4 Ways Your Garage Can Help You Maximize Square Footage

Your Garage Can Help You Maximize Square Footage Just a garage, a storage space, or dumping ground, no more, your garage can help you maximize square footage. With housing costs in greater Vancouver sky high, maximizing every square foot is becoming an important criteria for increasing quality of life. A garage can offer an amazing opportunity,the first step is to … Read More

What you should know about Garage door rollers

Garage door rollers are often one of the first parts to show signs of wear and tear. A worn out roller will be noisier, and create rolling resistance which may adversely affect your opener. Replacing the rollers can reduce noise, and restore normal function to your door. The type of rollers you should get will vary depending on the type … Read More

The benefits of an insulated garage door, and what this means for you.

Many customers have asked me: My neighbour’s house has an insulated garage, but mine isn’t. What are the benefits? The benefits are many. To start, it will keep the inside warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In the winter this will reduce heating bills (Particularly if your garage is part of the house, and not a stand … Read More