Five tips for choosing the right garage door for your home.

Most people will only purchase a garage door a few times in their life. A garage door can
last up to fifteen years or more depending on the make, model and maintenance.

When the time comes to purchase a new door, due to rotting, damage, or simply an out
dated style, it is important to take some time to think about the purchase and choose
something that you will really be happy with. You will be spending some money, why
not spend it on a door you love.

Garage doors vary in price, style, and construction. Here a few important tips to
help you find the right garage door.

#1.) When going steel, Insist on Insulated.

There are a few companies still offering non-insulated residential garage doors.
While the savings on a non-insulated door may be tempting, you will need to keep in
mind the potential repercussions. Non-insulated steel doors are not only causing your garage and
possibly your home to lose heat, they are noisy and lack the strength of an insulated door.

#2.) Don’t settle.

Garage doors are a long term purchase, you won’t be replacing them every other year.
They take up to 30% of your homes front facade, have an impact on curb appeal and
listing value of your home. Take the time to find just the right design and don’t
settle for less. If you really love a Coach House style door, and it compliments
your home, you might need to invest a little more, but the investment will be worth
it. You will already be spending some good money, why waste it on something less
than what you love.

#3.) Beware of knock offs.

Just like the fashion industry, garage doors have their copy cats. Of course classic
designs are copied by competition. The real difference comes down to the quality
of construction and the reputation of the manufacturer.

#4.) Try something new.

Driving up to your garage door everyday, may cause you to become attached to the
design. After all, it has been on your home for a long time and you have become
used to it. Now is the time to think new, fresh and updated. A new design can
have a huge impact on your home. Glass garage doors like the Avante by clopay
can bring a surprising update to many homes. If you have a more traditional home,
then the standard square or rectangle panels may have adorned your home for years.
Try looking at some Coach House style doors, such as the Gallery and Coachman.
If you can, go for windows. Windows make the garage door look like it is part
of the home and not just an after thought. You can choose obscure glass for increased
privacy. A final additional thing to consider is renovations. If you will be painting
your trim, or changing your siding, take this into consideration carefully when choosing
your door.

#5.) Find some examples.

If you see an example of a door you like, take a photo, or save the photo off
the internet. This is a great way to help you get just the right door. Keep in
mind the style of your home might not always work with theirs. An expert can
help clear away the questions and concerns, as well as make recommendations
based on experience. Show your examples to the garage door expert, it will
be greatly appreciated.

Happy Garage Door Hunting! and remember, your home deserves a garage door you will love.

Jennifer Jane