4 Ways Your Garage Can Help You Maximize Square Footage

Your Garage Can Help You Maximize Square Footage

Just a garage, a storage space, or dumping ground, no more, your garage can help
you maximize square footage. With housing costs in greater Vancouver sky high,
maximizing every square foot is becoming an important criteria for increasing
quality of life.

A garage can offer an amazing opportunity,the first step is to get creative, imagine what the
space can do for you?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

#1.) The Man Cave (Or Woman)

By now, almost everyone has heard of the term “Man Cave” a place where men can go to
escape and just be themselves. They can use the space to watch sports, build a model
plane, read a great book, or grab a much needed nap. These are just a few standard
examples. Women can use the the space for creating an expanded closet, a mini-home
spa, or reading room, the options are limited only to your imagination.

A Man/Woman Cave is a highly customized and personal space, and the process of coming
up with your perfect space can be really fun and inspirational. Take some time to
google Man Cave and you will see the huge range of easy and comfortable to luxury
beyond belief.

#2.) The Kids Play Area

A secure garage can be the perfect play room option for a home that is limited in space.
Almost every parent can relate to the chaos that is their living room with young and
adolescent children. Toys are scattered everyone, crayons and markers have done more
that coloured in the lines and Mr. Teddy is hanging out wherever he likes. Kids need
space to be creative and just be kids. However, adults today are overwhelmed more than
ever and a little organization with peace and quiet sounds like a vacation.

Once you decide to turn your garage into a kids room, invite your kids to get involved
in the process. This gives them a chance to use their creativity and feel like they are
a part of the process, ensuring they will love and own the space even more.

The great thing about the kids area is that you can do it on a budget and come
out with something fantastic. Head to your local hardware store and find the
reject mixed paint in some funky colours, garage sales for furniture you
can paint with the kids. It can be a crafty and fun experience. No need
to spend big bucks.

#3.) The Extra Bedroom or Guest Room.

Transforming your garage into an extra bedroom or guest room will take a bit of
planning and investment. However if it is done right, you could potentially earn
a little extra income for your mortgage through student stay, or simply have a
great place for visitors and family.

An important thing to consider with this space is insulation, heating, and
ventilation. The garage door should have a good R value, an 18.9 would give
you the insulation you need. In addition it’s probably a good idea to have
a window in the space.

It can still be done on a budget or you could hire someone to help depending
on your experience and time constraints.

#4.) The Flex Room

A flex room is the most versatile of all. You can use it for a combination
gym, office and study area. Or a space to work on special projects and crafts.
Use your flex room for a combination of storage and extended living space.

Putting your flex room together can help you clear out house clutter and
free up some indoor living space. Take your treadmill and stationary bike
to the flex room, clean out that storage closet so you can make better use
of it.

Another advantage of the flex room is you don’t have to get it all done
at once. You can do this project in stages and still feel the benefits.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to take a look at your garage
and how you are using it. With a little imagination, planning and work you
could be enjoying this extension of your home in no time.

Have you transformed your garage into something you are proud of?

We would love to hear from you, send your tips, pictures and more.

Jennifer Nuce

J.Mac Doors Ltd.