Get the perfect garage door for your home

Free expert advice to help you find and install the right garage door.

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Get the perfect garage door for your home

Free expert advice to help you find and install the right garage door.

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Top quality insulated garage doors and custom projects.

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See some of the beautiful Clopay garage doors we’ve installed below:

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Book your free consultation today!

Complimentary Consultations

Hassle-free, in-home consultations… When you make the decision to replace your garage door, whether the door is dated, damaged, or you would like to increase curb appeal, the process can be a bit overwhelming. There are many different garage door products available on the market today, making it difficult to know where to start. Garage doors have come a long way in terms of construction and design options; including insulation value, window variations, exterior finish, and decorative hardware.

A complimentary in home consultation is a hassle free way to shop for a new garage door, see samples and product at your convenience. We’ll help you determine which of these options best suits your needs and clarify any questions you may have about construction and design.

We will help you visualize the product on your home, so you can look forward to the final result.

Book your complimentary consultation with a garage door expert.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Improve the look of your home!

A new garage door is one of the most effective ways of increasing your curb appeal. In about a day your home can be transformed. Imagine your dated, weathered, boring or old garage door replaced with a door that looks as if it was made specifically for your home.

Many garage doors are installed as almost an after thought. We receive many requests for new garage door from builders who haven’t put much or any thought into the door, even though it may take 50% or more of the homes facade.

The right garage door is not only a great way to transform your home, it also has a high return on investment for exterior renovations.

Let us help you transform your home.

Custom Garage Doors

Custom garage doors require special attention to detail, and we have just the team to help you get everything you need. Precise measurements, material selection, finish samples and design choices all need to be considered, and we are here to help guide you and make the process as pleasing and simple as possible. It is important to keep in mind that steel doors have very little options other than windows that can be customized. Wood doors on the other hand, give you nearly endless possibilities for design.

Custom Projects

Thinking of converting your carport to a garage? Or transforming your garage into a personal escape or man cave? Then you have come to the right place. J.Mac doors has it’s very own highly skilled journeyman carpenter, so you can transform your garage inside and out all with one company. It is important that whomever frames your garage door opening understands the requirements and the standard garage door sizing to avoid additional costs for framing as well as custom garage door price increases.

Who are we?


J.Mac Garage Doors Ltd. has been Vancouver’s garage door company since 1991. We are a local, Canadian owned, family run business.

Our experts will make it easy and satisfying to buy a garage door. We will assist you in selecting the perfect door design, material and parts to match your home and needs.

We’ve been in business for almost 25 years, we’ve built up a long list of long-term happy customers and we specialize in Clopay garage doors. We treat our customers like family and we look forward to helping you. Learn more about us.

Serving the Greater Vancouver area

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See what some of our clients had to say about us

  • “We are so very happy with our new garage door, it is more beautiful then we imagined. J.Mac did such a great job installing it, with special attention to detail. Very professional service.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Shaw
  • “Very pleased with this contractor. Good advice on type of door, type and placement of windows. Came on time, provided good information on the use of the door and potential issues. Cleaned up the area and left at the end of the day with a functioning door.”
    Sheldon Nider (via
  • “JMAC Doors provided me with excellent product and service. The result is just beautiful and really adds to the curb appeal of the house. And no less important, the service was outstanding, from the first phone call to the professional installation. Jen and John were very helpful and went above and beyond to provide great customer experience. Jen sent me several simulated pictures showing how different door styles would look on the house. John came to the house before the installation to address concerns I had.”
    Uzi Murad
  • “If you are looking for great quality garage doors Vancouver has to offer, I recommend Jmac doors. My garage door was really old and needed to be replaced. I gave these guys a call and they got the job done really fast. The material of the door is also stellar so I don’t have to worry about having a cheap looking garage. These guys were really great. Thanks!”
    Richard Lyman

Common Questions

We supply Clopay garage doors. With their doors, we like the quality and the value you get for your money. We’ve been using Clopay for 20 years now. We’re very happy with them and our customers are happy too, especially when they see the before and after. You really see that it makes your house look really nice. It improves the look and usually the customer is surprised that it makes that much of a difference. From a brochure it looks nice, but when you actually see the finished product, it really makes it all look great. It makes everyone’s happy, and that’s our goal.
They have the good house-keeping seal. They also have high quality doors and have been making garage doors for a long time—35 years or more. Their quality is, I say, the best in the industry. With their warranty, they stand behind their product and if you get in trouble, your door needs service or there’s a problem with your door, they’ll do something about it. We’ve been working with them for over 20 years, using the Clopay brand and we’ve built a great relationship with them.
We are happy to help you choose your new garage door, assisting with deciding on the best style and construction to complement your home. It is our pleasure to offer a complimentary in-home consultation.
The wood doors can be fancier doors, usually. People put them on high end homes. But a steel door can look really high end too and it’s got less maintenance. So, it depends on the look you’re after. Some people like the steel look and they like the low maintenance of it. Other people like the wood and they don’t really care that they need to paint it every couple years. They both will add value to your home. It’s just that each one has a different look. Sometimes you can’t get that look that you want in a steel door, but you can get it in a wood and vice versa. We have both types of doors to make you happy, and lots to choose from with different designs.
No. We start at 6 R-Value, which is I think the minimum. It just makes a door more solid and sounds better when it operates, but you don’t have to go all the way to an R-Value of 18 to have a great door. All doors are just different in R-Value and that just indicates the insulating factor of the door. When we come for your garage door consultation, we will recommend the proper R-Value for your particular home and your needs. You don’t always have to have the highest R-Value.
Yes. We come to your house and we give you a free consultation to get the right door for your house. We bring our truck to your house, we show you the different samples and different types of doors and colours that are available for your garage door. We measure and make sure you get the right door and the right size door for your house.
If it’s falling apart, sometimes it’s rotting or it’s dented and damaged—that’s a good time to look for a new door. A new garage door also increases the value of your home. R-value is something to think about if your house is cold, especially above the garage door. That helps insulate the garage and cuts down your heating bill. It also just looks nice and improves the look of your home. For a lot of people, that’s all they want.
Yes, we sell and install high quality Clopay entry doors.
Several of the current models have the feature, it is called TTC (Time To Close). If you have an older opener and do not wish to buy a new one, there are accessories we can provide that will give your old machine this function. Give us a call for more details! 604-230-3756

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