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We are your garage door experts. Fully insured and with an A+ business rating with BBB so you can feel confident that your repair will be done correctly and all parts installed will be new. Our expert technicians will repair or recommend the solution that is best suited to you.

Typical garage door problems include: broken springs, blocked photo eyes, opener gear changes, and occasionally the door itself is not installed correctly.

We bring our store to your door.  Our fully equipped service trucks have everything from the smallest part to a brand new garage door opener, to ensure the best solution is on hand. Whether your garage door will not close, or your car is stuck in the garage, we have the tools, parts, and expertise to fix whatever problem you may have.


  • It wasn’t until I was settling up with Jim and I saw the last name on his business card that I realized it was the owner himself who was out at 9:30 on a Saturday morning making my garage door run again (and throwing in some advice and some preventative maintenance, gratis). In terms of price, well, as the full-star rating reflects, the price was both fair and competitive. Thanks, Jim!Eli W in Vancouver(via yelp.ca)
  • “This is just a quick note to say how pleased I was with the repairs Paul made to my garage door on Saturday. Aside from the repair itself, Paul was very prompt, professional, and friendly; a refreshing change!”John White
  • “I would like to say that I was very happy with the service I received with I called J.Mac on November 22, 2011. The garage door broke and my vehicle was trapped in the garage. Our serviceman completely impressed me with his knowledge, workmanship and very courteous manner. The job did turn out to be a complete redo of the existing springs and motor, the cost was a bit more than usual but after 22 years of serviceman saying “Thats a heavy door” and not offering a solution, I was relieved to have a cure and not a band aid fix.”Michele Von Beckmann
  • “Jim is the original Door guy whisperer. I called the company and specifically requested Jim to come for the service call. He obliviously has other staff though. Anyways, our door is getting on and winching on the bottom sides which is causing certain critters to enter. Well, he fixed the gap problems and enhanced the weather stripping on the virticles as well making the garage warmer, but not stuffy. Great guy, good, and honest. He could have sold me a new door, but we saved mine.”Faisal (via homestars.com)
  • “Our garage door at home was causing all kinds of trouble. Sometimes it would work other times it would not. Very frustrating to say the least. I went online and did a search for “garage door repair” and came across JMac. They came by the next day and did a service on the door and everything worked out great. Well recommended.” Patricia Tufts
  • “We saw him fixing someone else’s garage door. We had been looking for one and had lucked out with them. They fixed a major bolt that had popped out of the wall,, added bolts that the original installer didn’t put in. and checked our garage door to make sure it it works properly , It is now quieter and works better. Jim McCormack also gives us the option of paying with a credit card right on the spot and prints the invoice form his truck. Very efficient.”Marie in Richmond (via homestars.com)
  • “We had problems with our garage door and didn’t know who to call. We went through the yellow pages and came across J.Mac Garage Doors. We received such awesome customer service and prompt repair person to our place. The job was done quickly, it was just a replacement of a few parts. The price was best in town and seems to be a quality work well done.”Pat in Vancouver (via homestars.com)
  • “Great service! Our garage door broke the service man, Wayne, was here within 3 hours. Wayne was pleasant, explained the problem and fixed it quickly.”Michelle Castillo
  • J. Mac Garage Doors knows exactly how to a well done job and I am satisfied about it. I called this company for a garage door repair and they sent someone to check it up. It was a broken spring and he got it fixed. Price was reasonable compared with the other two companies I also called. Thank you.Frank Morelos
  • “My double garage door needed two springs replaced. The service person is very polite and experienced. The repair was performed in a timely fashion. Explanation of repairs and tips of maintenance is very clear—job well done. Also the reception person on the phone is very pleasant and accurate with the estimation. Definitely a company to recommend to others. Thanks again.”haidadrive (via houzz.com)
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Get your garage door fixed today!

Common Questions

Garage Door Repairs

Yes, our trucks are fully equipped to deal with almost any garage door issue you are having, including a new opener installation. On special occasions we may need to re-schedule.
Most repairs can be done within one hour. A new garage door opener takes about two hours.  Spring changes take about one hour.
Sometimes you just need to replace the battery, but if there is a hardware failure, we will replace it with a new remote.
Yes, we replace all types of springs—extension springs, torsion springs, and even commercial springs. Some doors are higher than others and use a longer spring. To keep the life cycle up of the springs, you want to have at least 10,000 cycles, which is an up and down. One up and down is one cycle. We can also convert your spring system that you have to a more modern spring system, and that makes it easier in the future to replace the springs instead of replacing the whole system. Or if you’re replacing an extension system and going to a torsion system, it just makes it a little bit safer and not too many springs and hardware clanging around. Torsion springs make for a quieter operation of your door.
First of all, we make sure that you’ve got the right springs for your door. Some doors are higher than others… some doors are heavier than others. So what we do is we match up the spring with the weight and the height of your door to make sure it works and functions properly and lasts a long time.
Yes we do. We repair all different varieties and brands from Stanley, Liftmaster, Genie, Overhead and more.  However, if the machine is 15-20 years plus, we will often recommend updating and replacing the system, as a more cost-effective, stress-free solution.
The short answer is no. You can repair or replace the springs if you’ve got quite a bit of experience or are more of a handyman. However, we don’t recommend people change their own springs. It’s quite dangerous and you want a professional to do the job. Some people have actually lost their fingers or use of their fingers by trying to fix their springs themselves. It’s pretty dangerous. You want to make sure you want to get someone in that can actually do it professionally.
1. The battery needs to be changed. 2. The remote is not coded with the opener correctly. We can help you with both. Sometimes the remote is faulty. We can check that and replace it if it needs to be replaced. If that model is not available, we can convert you over to a new receiver and remote system.

Common Garage Door Problems

The most common reason is a broken spring. The torsion system is directly above the door.  If you have extension springs they will be on the sides of the door. Springs are incredibly dangerous, and you should always consult a professional garage door company to fix it for you.
If your door came crashing down, then it is most likely a broken spring. Broken springs are dangerous and can even cause damage by touching them if they are still loaded. It is best to contact a professional as soon as possible.
This most often indicates a blown capacitor. Easy to replace if you have an education in electronics, but it’s very easy to make things worse if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. If you’re not sure you should consult a professional garage door company to fix it for you.
Check the manual release to ensure the motor is connected to the operator arm. If this is not the problem, then most often it is the result of a worn or broken drive gear.
This indicates you have a fault with the safety sensors, also sometimes called the “photo eyes”.  They are at the bottom of each side of your door. First thing you should check is if anything is blocking them, for example: broom, box, shoes etc.
Springs run on cycles—when one goes, the other is right behind it.  To save time and money we always change both springs.

Get your garage door fixed today!

Vancouver Garage Door Service

Does your garage door need a tune up?

When was the last time your garage door was serviced?

J.Mac doors has thousands of customers in the lower mainland, and with our years of experience we know that most people never think about their garage door system until something breaks. A garage door system, like anything mechanical and motorized should be serviced. The rollers need changing, the door may need lubrication and all hardware should be checked for wear and tear. While a garage door service can’t prevent all breakdowns, such as broken springs, it can help to decrease the likelihood of a breakdown.

Our “J.Mac Advantage 12 point check” will give you a thorough garage door system tune up and provide you with some peace of mind. This is especially important during the cooler months when hardware and machines tend to act up.

J.Mac doors service/tune costs up to $99.00 plus any required parts or additional labour if something needs to be replaced.

Mention this website page and receive your tune up for just $69.00 plus parts and labour.

Garage Door Service Questions

With a wood door, you have to maintain the paint. The surface area is important as if you get water penetrating, it can damage the door. With a steel door, it’s mainly lubrication… making the nuts and bolts are tight and that it’s operating smoothly. With both doors, you still have the check the hardware, cables, springs… oiling them, checking them for wear, or excess of wear. And then, it should be serviced once every year or two just to make sure it’s all working properly.
Once our truck is at your house, we can assess the situation, see what parts you need and how to go about fixing your door. We generally have the parts on the truck and we can fix it right there.

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